XStream EFS New Features

EditShare XStream EFS storage with its combination of EditShare File System (EFS) and innovative hardware is uniquely tailored for the post-production environment with core features delivering a resilient, high-performance storage platform:

  • Single namespace – expands with additional storage
  • Non-disruptive scalability to 5PB+ with millions of assets
  • Distributed file system with multiple levels of hardware redundancy
  • High availability options for reduced downtime
  • Native Client connection for enhanced bandwidth performance

At IBC 2016 we will showcase the latest XStream EFS storage release adding further enterprise storage functionality that increases versatility and security:

  • Node Groups: Now an EFS cluster can be configured with a mix of capacity and technology including SSDs for high data rate content and SATA HDDs for cost-efficient, performance storage
  • File Protection: Administrators can choose from a variety of new file protection mechanisms to match content value and storage cost
  • EFS Storage Goals: Users can allocate dedicated storage resources and file protection to individual departments or workgroups, ideal for managing enterprise environments
  • File-per-frame Enhancements: The latest release expands optimization support for file-per-frame media including DPX, DNG (CinemaDNG), EXR (OpenEXR), CRI (Cintel), R3D (RedRAW), TIFF and RAW formats
  • New HDD Options: EditShare has just completed qualification of our first 8TB HDD, which provides 33% more storage than we have ever offered before

More details on this latest XStream EFS release can be found on our website.
For a complete overview of the XStream EFS storage platform please download the new EFS brochure.

Posted by Patrick de Silva

Director/Founder of The Media Village and Media ASYLUM.

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