The Facilis TerraBlock 24D is a building block for many larger facilities with a traditional form factor shipped since 2004. Continually updated hardware and optimisations in software have kept the 24D at the top of it’s class.

Special Offer

16a80221-b2c7-441e-b69f-c1bbcd000920We are offering a special bundle for a Terrablock 24D, 96TB with a FREE 16-port 1/10 Gb Ethernet switch. Details as follows:

  • Price: US$35,990 | S$47,990
    • Includes One-Year Support/Warranty
    • Includes FastTracker, 5-user license
  • Capacity: 96TB
  • Connectivity:
    • 2 x 10Gb Ethernet
    • INCLUDES FREE Netgear 16-port 1/10 Gb Ethernet switch
    • Optional: 8/16Gb Fibre or 1/10/40Gb Ethernet
  • No. of supported streams:
    • 34 streams (30i) of Pro Res/DNxHD at 145Mbps, or
    • 24 streams (30i) of Pro Res HQ/DNxHD at 220Mbps, or
    • 22 streams (30i) of Pro Res HD 4444 at 330Mbps, or
    • 11 streams (24p) of UHD DNxHR HQ at 712Mbps, or
    • 10 streams (24p) of RED 6K HD 7:1 at 900Mbps1
  • Availability:
    • Limited stock available at The Media Village
    • Offer is valid while stocks last
    • Prices are FOB Singapore


Every Facilis Terrablock system comes bundled with FastTracker. FastTracker is designed to be a fast way to index, catalog and find your video, audio and still image files across all your project based volumes. Once found, the files are available for drag and drop directly to the editing application.
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