Post houses are increasingly viewing cloud-enabled asset storage and content management as a must-have toolset. Editors and production teams need quick access to content wherever they are, and the cloud can offer benefits such as wider content availability, flexibility of scale-up/down and cost benefits. The reality is, implementing full cloud-based workflows is not easy or cost-effective or fully secure. The adoption of a hybrid workflow that combines current in-house storage with web-based tools offers a safe, convenient and cost-efficient way to leverage the benefits of the cloud while minimizing the risks.

At NAB 2017, EditShare will demonstrate its Hybrid Cloud workflow solution. An IBC2016 Innovation Award winner for content management, the combination features XStream EFS storage with integrated Flow, AirFlow and Flow Story for complete collaboration anywhere in the world.

Automated workflows with production asset management

Flow production asset management (PAM) provides a powerful suite of applications for creative control of your content during the production process, including remote editorial workflows. Manage and track media and non-media assets on your storage, from ingest through to archive, improving productivity and efficiency at every stage. And with an automation engine as part of the platform, Flow helps reduce the need to perform repetitive or complex tasks, enabling faster turnaround times with tasks such as transcoding and content delivery.

Automating QC Next Steps, Mass File Transfer and Cloud Delivery Workflows

  • Orchestrate QC next steps with Interra Baton, Vidcheck and Quales integration
  • Manage the transfer of mass media with Aspera accelerated file transfer
  • Deliver clips, sequences and full packages direct to Amazon S3 or Glacier services
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Stepping into the Cloud


This exclusive white paper examines the issues and hidden costs facing post and production facilties as they step into cloud based workflows, and why Hybrid solutions offer a clear advantage in tackling todays production and security challenges.


Essential guide to PAM


No matter the size of project, the need for intelligent production asset management (PAM) has become essential for every production or post facility, & choosing the right platform is the key. This paper examines the different tools & questions facilities need to consider.


How Editshare helps users in Singapore


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