Service-oriented architecture ensures perfect configuration for every user

tmd logoLas Vegas, NAB Show, Booth N6224: TMD, the leading provider of asset management systems for digital and physical assets, is introducing additional software bolt-on to its media service applications at NAB 2017 (Las Vegas Convention Center, 24 – 27 April, booth N6224). These are built on the Mediaflex-UMS (Unified Media Services) architecture, a uniquely powerful solution for all aspects of software-defined workflow management.

Three new bolt-ons are being demonstrated at NAB and can be added to any of the current media service applications. MediaPackages provides complete workflow management for the creation and delivery of packages to non-linear/OTT platforms.  MediaMiSR provides sophisticated integration with third-party scheduling systems, automatically raises workflows based on those schedules, reports on missing content and manages cache storage for transmission-ready content for playout systems. Finally, MediaLines provides complete management for the scheduled recording of live feeds.

These bolt-ons add functionality to the existing range of media service applications.  For example, MediaPackages can now enhance the functionality of OnPoint, the post production management solution, to deliver non-liner packages directly from post production.  MediaPackages can also now be added to Paragon+, the content management solution, to provide complete workflow management for non-linear delivery.  MediaMiSR can be added to Paragon+, to drive workflow management from your program schedules.


Also new for NAB2017 is the introduction of TMD’s new media service application for media logistics. It provides tools that allow you to manage your production supply chain from commissioning and ordering through to program delivery.  TMD will also show Mediaflex-UMS Analytics which are fast-reporting, workflow-data dashboards with real-time analytics to monitor operational efficiency and identify bottlenecks quickly.

“In developing our open, scalable and configurable platform we took all of our experience in asset and workflow management, and re-implemented it in a flexible form as Mediaflex-UMS” said Carlton Smith, CEO, TMD. “It gives us huge flexibility, first to add functionality that our customers are asking for, and second to offer truly cloud-native solutions to our clients.

“Most important, it gives us a completely reliable and resilient platform on which to build the comprehensive software-defined workflow solutions that we supply to broadcasters and content owners around the world. Our presence at NAB will use our media service applications – Paragon and Paragon+, OnPoint and Chameleon, Guardian and Aperture – to spark discussions with visitors about all aspects of assets, metadata and workflows, helping them and us understand the scope and nature of their requirements and identifying how we can help them become more productive, more creative and more cost-effective.”

Representatives from TMD’s development team in the UK as well as the sales and support bases in the US, Far East and Australia will be on hand at NAB2017 on booth N6224.


About TMD
TMD is a leading provider of software products focused on delivering media & content management solutions to the global media, broadcast and archive sectors.  The Mediaflex® – Unified Media Services (UMS) platform provides a cloud-enabled, service-orientated architecture delivering media-aware, software-defined workflows supporting a wide range of media services, both from TMD’s own media service products and those of our partners.  Mediaflex-UMS supports the management of both physical media, such as film and tape, as well as digital content.  TMD’s flexible range of cost-effective packaged media service products for ingest, non-linear delivery, post production, DAM and archiving, are available individually or integrated into a Mediaflex-UMS platform for complete and scalable end-to-end workflow solutions.  The Chameleon browser interface has been designed to be easy to use, requiring little to no user training and can be used with all of TMD’s media services.  Headquartered in Aylesbury UK, TMD’s global reach includes office locations in the USA, Malaysia, and Australia.  For additional information on TMD products and services, please visit

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