Certification allows Mediaflex asset management to run directly on EditShare storage

TMD, the leading provider of asset and workflow management systems for digital and physical assets, has integrated its technology with leading media and entertainment storage specialist EditShare. TMD is now certified to connect to the EditShare File System (EFS), allowing Mediaflex-UMS to search, index and retrieve all digital assets located on the EFS cluster.

“Many of the world’s post production operations rely on EditShare storage solutions,” said Justin Elkerton, head of the partner programme at TMD. “This integration will give them the benefit of Mediaflex’s agile, software-defined workflows combined with EditShare’s live networked storage platform for a more flexible and operationally efficient solution.”


In order to provide very high performance as well as enterprise-class resiliency, EditShare uses its own unique file system, EFS. Visible to Mac, Windows and Linux clients, EFS allows the storage environment to scale infinitely while maintaining a single namespace. Tailored specifically to the needs of media users, EFS delivers up to 20% bandwidth gains within a facility versus standard networking protocols like AFP or Samba. It also provides a shared storage environment where multiple editors can work on the same project simultaneously, using Avid, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere, Lightworks and more.

With this new partnership, TMD’s Mediaflex asset and workflow management can mount directly onto the EFS storage platform, allowing Mediaflex’s software-defined workflows to move content on and off the platform and between EditShare media spaces. Automated workflows can ensure content is restored from archive or moved from other storage tiers and presented at the right workstations. Projects can be tracked, and finalised material can be seamlessly transferred for transmission or transcoding.

“Providing an open platform for integration has been at the core of EditShare’s shared storage philosophy since it was first introduced in 2003” commented Bill Thompson, EditShare storage product manager. “Users will be delighted with the workflow efficiencies offered through the seamless integration of Mediaflex-UMS and EditShare. Equally as important, facility owners will appreciate the ability to improve existing systems performance and maximise the return on their investment.”


About TMD

TMD is a leading provider of software products focused on delivering media & content management solutions to the global media, broadcast and archive sectors.  The Mediaflex® – Unified Media Services (UMS) platform provides a cloud-enabled, service-orientated architecture delivering media-aware, software-defined workflows supporting a wide range of media services, both from TMD’s own media service products and those of our partners.  Mediaflex-UMS supports the management of both physical media, such as film and tape, as well as digital content.  TMD’s flexible range of cost-effective packaged media service products for ingest, non-linear delivery, post production, DAM and archiving, are available individually or integrated into a Mediaflex-UMS platform for complete and scalable end-to-end workflow solutions.  The Chameleon browser interface has been designed to be easy to use, requiring little to no user training and can be used with all of TMD’s media services.  Headquartered in Aylesbury UK, TMD’s global reach includes office locations in the USA and Australia.  For additional information on TMD products and services, please visit www.tmd.tv

Head Office:

TMD Ltd.
Tower House
High Street
HP20 1SQ

UK Contact:              Mary Wyatt
Telephone:               +44 1296 745080
Email:                       enquiries@tmd.tv
Web:                        www.tmd.tv

Press contact:           Jennie Marwick-Evans, Manor Marketing
Telephone:               +44 7748 636171
Email:                       jennie@manormarketing.tv

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