When Media ASYLUM was launched in 2012, one of its’ main objective was to work with trainers and organisations who would be able to offer a high standard of training to production and post production professionals in Singapore.

With that objective in mind, the first partnership we established was with Australian colorist Warren Eagles and the International Colorist Academy (ICA). Warren is a founding member of the ICA, along with fellow colorist Kevin Shaw, who is based in London.

As Warren recalls, “The ICA has partnered with Media Asylum since we founded the company in 2009. The Media ASYLUM training room is fantastic! The set up and equipment are second to none and provide for a great learning experience. Student lunches and after class visits to local post houses really compliment the training.”

Together with several other experienced colorists and post production veterans, the ICA delivers regular hands-on colorist and post production related training courses in Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney and in Singapore, through its’ partnership with Media ASYLUM.

warren 3

Colourist Training

This partnership has proven successful over the years, with Warren’s colorist courses ranking among one of Media ASYLUM’s most popular courses and gaining a reputation as the premiere colorist course to attend, not only in Singapore but from post production professionals across the region. To date, Media ASYLUM has trained more than 300 colorists, most of who come from Singapore but also from the neighbouring countries (Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia) and further afield (Pakistan, India, Australia, USA, Poland, Dominican Republic, among several others.)

“It is great to see so many ex students doing well in the industry, not just in Singapore, some have ventured overseas to take up new grading positions. I like to think that my training has helped in a small way, giving the students confidence to progress in the film and TV industry,” adds Warren.

And that partnership continues through 2018, with 11 more classes planned with Warren, as follows:

Video Systems Calibration

2 years ago, we worked with another member of the International Colorist Academy, Gregg Loewen, to deliver a THX Certified Professional Video Systems Calibration Workshop and it was very well received by those who attended.

We’re glad to have him back in 2018 for 2 more rounds of the course this year. This course includes an update by including topics on advanced concepts, 4k and HDR. Schedule as follows:

More on 4K and HDR in 2018

We’re planing more courses for the year, including those around the theme of 4k production and post production, as well as High Dynamic Range (HDR) imaging.

As Warren highlights, “HDR is the biggest and most exciting change to the grading industry in recent times. There are a number of both technical and creative decisions that need to be made before, during and after the grade. The ICA HDR class focuses on these challenges meaning you’ll be prepared for mastering HDR deliverables”

Look out for more details from The Media Village and Media ASYLUM

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