FSI is happy to announce the introduction of 3 new XM Series monitor models, all shipping this month!


XM311K – 31″ True 4K HDR Mastering Monitor

This is our first monitor featuring Light Modulating Cell Layer (LMCL) technology. LMCL is a groundbreaking new LCD technology that introduces an independently controllable layer of light modulating cells between the backlight and traditional display cell. This allows for greatly expanded individual pixel level control of light intensity resulting in several key benefits compared to traditional LCDs including truer black levels, much higher contrast ratios, no halation/flare artifacts, and no loading behavior. Compared to OLED technology, LMCL has the distinct benefit of avoiding burn-in as well as being able to maintain consistent peak luminance regardless of overall scene brightness.

XM551U – 55″ UHD OLED

The XM551U is a 55″ UHD resolution OLED monitor that offers outstanding black levels and professional 12Gbps SDI connectivity. This 55” monitor offers the same features and capabilities as the 65” OLED units in a more compact and affordable form factor.

XM651U – 65″ UHD OLED

The XM651U builds upon the award-winning design of the XM650U with a change many customers have been asking for, a darker matte finish metal bezel that gives the XM651U a very sleek appearance in a grading suite.

xm310k_smallThese 3 new models complement the already shipping 3,000nit XM310K 31″ HDR Mastering Monitor to round out our current XM lineup.

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