Continuum 2021.5 delivers even more 3D power to Particle Illusion, brand new cinematic effects & presets, and time-saving workflows. Learn more & download a free trial

Plugin host support includes Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro, Avid Media Composer, and OFX hosts Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Foundry Nuke, and VEGAS Pro. (FCP X and Motion coming soon)

Already Own Continuum 2021? It’s a free update to customers on a current subscription or a valid upgrade & support plan! Download the update

What’s New in Particle Illusion

  • Node View: Select any particle node in the tree and corresponding parameters instantly display in the control panel
  • 3D Emitter Shapes, Forces, Deflectors, and Emission: From flat 2D to true 3D
  • Deep Integration with After Effects: Emitters can trace AE native live text and mask layers and emitters can attach to host native lights and 3D layers
  • Emitter Presets: Stunning drag and drop presets added to the included Emitter Library

What’s New in The Cinematographer Toolkit (BCC+)

  • 9 GPU-accelerated, HDR-compliant cinematic effects: BCC+Multi-Star, BCC+Vignette, BCC+FilmGrunge, BCC+TwoStrip, BCC+Flashing, BCC+Composite, BCC+F-Stop, BCC+Fluorescent, and BCC+Haze
  • 200+ drag and drop presets designed by the pros
  • Avid infrastructure controls added to all BCC+ filters: Apply to Title Matte Option, Safe Levels Option, and True Bypass Switch

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