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Special Promo offer for Colorist training in March!

This March, Media Asylum is offering a very special promotional offer for it’s most popular colorist courses, which are held in partnership with the International Colorist Academy (ICA).

Sign up for either the Intermediate Colourist 201 Course or the Advanced Colorist 301 Course together with the Introductory Colorist 101 course (or sign up for all 3!), and earn US$1,300 in savings!

Regular prices for the courses are as follows

IMDA Talent Grant Scheme

Singaporeans who qualify for 90% subsidy under the IMDA Talent Grant Scheme will also enjoy very special rates. For more information and details, email us at Limited seats are available, so do not hesitate to take up this offer!


All of the above courses are conducted by ICA co-founder, Warren Eagles. You can read more about Warren Eagles and the International Colorist Academy here.

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Media ASYLUM and the International Colorist Academy – a lasting partnership

When Media ASYLUM was launched in 2012, one of its’ main objective was to work with trainers and organisations who would be able to offer a high standard of training to production and post production professionals in Singapore.

With that objective in mind, the first partnership we established was with Australian colorist Warren Eagles and the International Colorist Academy (ICA). Warren is a founding member of the ICA, along with fellow colorist Kevin Shaw, who is based in London.

As Warren recalls, “The ICA has partnered with Media Asylum since we founded the company in 2009. The Media ASYLUM training room is fantastic! The set up and equipment are second to none and provide for a great learning experience. Student lunches and after class visits to local post houses really compliment the training.”

Together with several other experienced colorists and post production veterans, the ICA delivers regular hands-on colorist and post production related training courses in Los Angeles, New York, London, Sydney and in Singapore, through its’ partnership with Media ASYLUM.

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POSTProductionVirtual Reality

Learn Virtual Reality Filmmaking at Media ASYLUM


Virtual Reality is one of the most exciting technologies emerging today. Go to any technology or content creation exhibition and the VR booths are the ones that capture the crowd. We are also starting to see VR content being included amongst film festivals.

The idea of immersing ourselves in a alternative world and interacting with things in 3D space; things that would previously exist either on a screen or in our imagination; is a unique and truly captivating sensory experience that most of us have not participated in before.

Producing Virtual Reality content may, at first glance, seem a complex task but in reality, the key concepts are within the grasp of anyone with basic media production knowledge.

The ‘Cinematic 360 Production for Virtual Reality Experience’ course is something new at Media ASYLUM and is being introduced for the first time this year as a result of requests from many media practitioners in the industry.

The short 3-day course is intended to equip participants with the necessary basic skill sets required to start producing and capturing cinematic 360 VR content. It teaches how to plan and script for a VR shoot, understand the various 360 camera rigs that are available and knowledge of VR headsets and content distribution. Most of all, it focuses on how VR offers a different and unique way of story-telling from the more traditional forms that are currently used.

Leading the course is Lionel Chok, Creative Technologist at iMMERSiVELY, a creative startup specialising in immersive technologies, such as Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality for corporates and businesses. With a background in television production and a passion for Augmented and Virtual Reality, Lionel offers participants a wealth of knowledge and experience to tap on.

IMDA Talent Assistance (Training) Grant

This course is approved under the IMDA Talent Assistance (Training) Grant scheme, which means that Singaporeans and Singaporean Permanent Residents are eligible for up to 90% subsidy on course fees (subject to IMDA terms and conditions).


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Media ASYLUM to launch BMD-Certified “Introduction to Resolve 14 (101)” course

In December 2017, Blackmagic Design announced the first course under their new DaVinci Resolve Training and Certification program.


Known as ‘Introduction to Resolve 14 (101)’, this is a 3-day course, covering the various aspects of DaVinci Resolve; editing, colour correction and audio; and includes the official Blackmagic Design end-user exam. Read More

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Flanders Scientific announces the XM650U – the new 65″ UHD OLED monitor with HDR Monitoring capabilities

Flanders Scientific has announced that the upcoming XM550U will become the XM650U!

Why the name change? Because this large format monitor will be released with a bigger, better, and brighter OLED panel than previewed on our early 55” prototypes. This means you’ll get over 38% more screen area while also benefiting from key performance improvements across the board. Learn more about the XM650U at 

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