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BCA ’23 Feature: DNAfabric – What every data-hungry production facility needs

Your ever-growing ‘Unstructured Data’. Media production facilities generate vast amounts of unstructured data, which is defined as high-volume data such as audio, video, image, renders, graphics etc. And this growing data shows no sign of slowing down. A production facility is also likely to have these data stored across multiple storage pools such as hard disks, NAS, LTO tape and […]

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The Media Village hosts leading media workflow solution partners at Broadcast Asia 2023

Take control of your Media The Media Village is proud to host some of the leading media workflow solution providers at Broadcast Asia 2023. We are pleased to welcome Facilis Technology, Symply, StorageDNA, Iodyne and Aja to our booth at 6F3-11. Collectively, these companies aim to solve common challenges faced by post production facility media managers and anyone involved in […]

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EditShare’s Special “UPSIZE” Promo

EditShare’s special NAB promotion is still available for a limited time! Purchase any EFS200 or EFS300 and you will receive a free upgrade to the next disk size*. For example, if you order an EFS200 48TB, EditShare will deliver an EFS200 72TB! Order an EFS300 64TB and EditShare delivers an EFS300 96TB. Offer ends on 20 May so get in […]

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Product Highlight: mTape LTO-8 Thunderbolt 3 Archiving Solution

mTape Thunderbolt 3 LTO-8 Archiving Solution Desktop Thunderbolt LTO-8 tape drive certified by Apple & Intel Up to 12 TB native storage capacity per tape cartridge  LTO tape has a 30+ year shelf life – Significantly longer than hard drives Up to 300 MB/second data transfer rate Dual Thunderbolt 3 ports Reads and writes to both LTO-8 & LTO-7 tapes  Compact, portable form-factor DC powered – Enables use in any environment Includes Hedge Canister LTFS app for macOS – a […]

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Archiware P5 Version 7.0 Released

Archiware has  just released version 7.0 of the P5 Data Management Platform. The new version contains a slew of innovative features, including: New elastic container storage engine for disk and cloud True incremental cloud backup LTFS engine with Archiware’s own driver:– Import of foreign LTFS volumes– LTFS exchange support on all platforms Very fast verification of written data A real milestone […]

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Product Highlight: P5 Desktop LTO Edition

P5 Backup & P5 Archive to a single LTO drive – Professional data management for small workgroups Archiware P5 is available in a special P5 Desktop LTO Edition for use with single LTO drives. Automatic Backups and long-term Archive on LTO, store production data and protect for the long-term. Now both are available in this special license bundle. Profit from proven longevity and affordability of LTO […]

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EditShare Showcases Award Winning Lineup of Media Workflow Solutions at BroadcastAsia 2019

Basingstoke, UK — June 4, 2019 – EditShare® a technology leader in intelligent scale-out storage, media asset management (MAM) and automated quality control (AQC), will be displaying the sought-after solutions HelmutFX, a back-office solution that provides Adobe Premiere Pro CC projects and users management via EditShare Flow, and VBox, the next generation ‘Channel-in-a-Box’ playout automation system, at this year’s BroadcastAsia. […]

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EditShare – More than just shared storage

More facilities are looking beyond just the traditional needs of shared storage and collaborative workflows, as the amount of data they have to manage increases and workflows become more demanding. As the EditShare reseller for Singapore and the Philippines, our recent installations certainly reflect this trend. Here are some examples of the challenges that our customers face and how integrating […]

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EditShare Single Node Scale-out Storage Solution Takes Home Prestigious IABM Design & Innovation Award and TV Tech Global Best of Show Award at IBC2017

Basingstoke, UK — September 22, 2017 – EditShare®, a technology leader in intelligent shared storage and media management solutions, closed out IBC2017 with two prestigious industry awards: an IABM ‘Design & Innovation’ Award and a TV Tech Global ‘Best of Show’ Award for its new XStream EFS Single-Node scale-out shared storage solution.

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New to LTO technology? What is LTFS?

LTO technology was first introduced in 2000 and is currently in it’s seventh generation. LTO-7 specifications support tape cartridge storage uncompressed capacity of up to 6TB, which is why it is an attractive data archive option for media companies, who face an ever increasing challenge to cope with the amount of data that is needs to be managed.