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Workstations & Servers

Creative professionals in the media and entertainment industry demand powerful computing systems to run specialised software applications to design and create the top films, music, television shows, commercials, photography and physical and digital experiences. As the leading provider of workstations, Dell meets the needs of creative professionals by providing an optimal platform for building and delivering their award-winning work. [Read More]

Boxx Technologies


Workstations and Renderfarm Hardware

For professionals using creative software applications, BOXX solves productivity bottlenecks. We accomplish this by thoroughly understanding the software you rely on and engineering optimized hardware solutions that address your workflow’s time-consuming tasks.

The software application market is populated with a broad range of professional 3D applications, so naturally, there are a wide variety of workflows, each with their own distinct hardware requirements. Is your software application single threaded or multi-threaded? Does it take advantage of multiple GPUs? What about high speed storage or sizable amounts of memory? There are multiple factors to consider when purchasing the ideal workstation, so abandon the “one-size-fits-all” approach. All BOXX products have a purpose, each with their own distinct features and capabilities designed to accelerate specific workflows. [Read More]



Render Management Software

At PipelineFX we partner with you to improve your render pipeline. We work hard to understand your rendering workflow and requirements, and offer comprehensive products and services to dramatically improve your rendering performance. We will offer an appropriate amount of installation assistance, targeted end-user and administrative software training and consulting services as needed. Success in digital media today requires maximum efficiency and we will strive to optimize your existing infrastructure as well as planned future expansion. [Read More]