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EditShare XStream EFS: Taking scalable collaborative storage to new heights with added flexibility

XStream EFS New Features

EditShare XStream EFS storage with its combination of EditShare File System (EFS) and innovative hardware is uniquely tailored for the post-production environment with core features delivering a resilient, high-performance storage platform:

  • Single namespace – expands with additional storage
  • Non-disruptive scalability to 5PB+ with millions of assets
  • Distributed file system with multiple levels of hardware redundancy
  • High availability options for reduced downtime
  • Native Client connection for enhanced bandwidth performance

At IBC 2016 we will showcase the latest XStream EFS storage release adding further enterprise storage functionality that increases versatility and security:

  • Node Groups: Now an EFS cluster can be configured with a mix of capacity and technology including SSDs for high data rate content and SATA HDDs for cost-efficient, performance storage
  • File Protection: Administrators can choose from a variety of new file protection mechanisms to match content value and storage cost
  • EFS Storage Goals: Users can allocate dedicated storage resources and file protection to individual departments or workgroups, ideal for managing enterprise environments
  • File-per-frame Enhancements: The latest release expands optimization support for file-per-frame media including DPX, DNG (CinemaDNG), EXR (OpenEXR), CRI (Cintel), R3D (RedRAW), TIFF and RAW formats
  • New HDD Options: EditShare has just completed qualification of our first 8TB HDD, which provides 33% more storage than we have ever offered before

More details on this latest XStream EFS release can be found on our website.
For a complete overview of the XStream EFS storage platform please download the new EFS brochure.